Ant Control
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Builders, Workers, Soldiers, and Scouts

The one insect that is most known for its tendency to infest a space, it is the ant. While we may enjoy their return outdoors as a signal that Spring is here, we appreciate that because they are outside, not crawling up the walls in our home. Give a single ant an entrance point and they will bring the hole colony back with them.

The true hazard associated with ants making our home their home is the destruction they can cause to the infrastructure of a building overtime. However, if you have enough ants encroaching in your space, a large enough colony can eat at your food supply or structural supports before you even realise something is going on.

Fight Back Against the Colony

We all know that stepping on the handful of ants we see crawling around in corners and across tiles may give us hope that we are making headway to rid ourselves of their infestation, it’s often an act that doesn’t lead to any real progress. Because nests can be tricky to find and there’s little guidance on how to care for that ourselves, bringing a professional into your space is the sure thing you need to kick the ants to the curb.

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