Bed Bug Treatment

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Unwelcome Bedfellow

Consider yourself extremely lucky if you have never happened across bed bugs until now. These insects have been around for centuries, but we have been seeing them become increasingly more common over the past few decades. This is partly because a single bed bug or two can hitch a ride on something as obvious as your luggage or clothing without you ever noticing until they’ve reproduced in your home, thanks to feasting on you while you sleep.

Unlike most other creatures, bed bugs prefer to dining on us and our pets, rather than the common expiring bread on the counter or wooden beam in our ceiling. These insects are essentially vampires because they not only enjoy subsisting on our blood (creepy), but because they can be notoriously difficult to kill. Even if you think you caught the few hiding in the nooks and crannies of your upholstery, you forgot about the eggs that could be tucked away anywhere.

Masters of Hide & Seek

To truly rid yourself of bed bugs, special chemical compounds are needed. Professionals are trained to search out the tiniest and sometimes strangest places that these creatures like to hide out in, so leaving this to them will always be your safest bet in the long run.


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