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A Species for Every Space

There are countless different species of beetle across the globe, and more being discovered every single day. While we may be able to appreciate the striking colors and stunning designs of those on nature documentaries, it’s a very unsettling thing to find your region’s bland version crawling around in your home or commercial space.

These creatures as well known for disease as some of their other insect relatives, but that doesn’t mean that can’t still do damage to your life and the integrity of your building. Species like the aptly named Carpet Beetle can eat their way through clothing and upholstery but turn and run away from the crime scene to live under your rugs and carpets. Another variety, the Wood Boring Beetle, can cause just as much damage to a wooden structure as some types of termites. For such a small insect, these creatures have the potential to cause extreme, sometimes irreparable, property damage. 

Rid Yourself of The Trouble

The average beetle reproduces at speeds that rival many other creatures in the animal kingdom. Because these bugs can even infest spaces that are clean and tidy, it is best to call a professional for help when you start to notice the unusual beetle regularly commuting around your space each day.


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