Cockroach Treatment

Cockroaches pest control, Cockroach Treatment

Ancient Creepy Crawlies

If there’s one creature that’s synonymous with bug infestation, it’s the cockroach. This insect has been around for millennia with its original buggy ancestors dating all the way back to 350 million years ago. While they started out in prehistoric, dinosaur filled jungles, they now prefer to live in sewers and drains before taking their chance to move into homes and commercial buildings. That being said, these bugs can live moths without food, making them occasionally tricky to get rid of.

Wherever they go, the bring a trail of feces and disease with them; cockroaches have been linked to outbreaks in bacterial diseases like salmonella, strep throat, and all kinds of staph infections. All they have to do is touch the same surface as you and you are as good as infected. In the right circumstances, a female cockroach will lay eggs in the most inaccessible nooks and crannies of your space so you can have a potential future infestation without even knowing.

Free Yourself from These Bugs

While there are many DIY sprays and repellants available on the market, cockroaches are notorious for being extremely persistent and, in some cases, nearly impossible to kill. Inviting a professional into your space with the knowledge necessary to permanently rid you of these bugs is always recommended.


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