Mole Removal

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Unwelcome Underground Visitors

While many of us imagine moving masses of insects when we heard the word “pest,” the singular resident mole can also be considered a blight in your home or commercial space, as well. Sighting them near your home just once may not be seem like cause for concern, but these underground dwellers live by digging networks of tunnels through the ground beneath our feet; so, when you see one pop their head out from under the ground, know that there is a great chance it has already dug an entire maze through your garden beds or underneath your lawn.

The average mole may not disrupt your life as directly as other pests, but the slow destruction of the landscaping or garden you work so hard to create can certainly still impede in your life. Eventually, they can even damage (sometimes beyond repair!) your lawn mowers and irrigation system if left unchecked.

Prevention from the Ground Up

Because the mole is a burrowing animal, they can be next to impossible to rid yourself of on your own. Professional pest technicians understand the techniques and prevention methods needed to make your home and yard truly safe from these tunneling creatures.


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