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Mouse treatment services Leicester

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Mouse treatment services Leicester

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Mouse Treatment from £120

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Mouse Treatment Services and Options

Our technician will carry out a thorough inspection of the site and determine the level of activity and the access points for rodents to enter the building. The treatment of a mouse infestation is usually by trapping or baiting or a combination of both. The level of rodent activity and the location of the infestation are taken into consideration, as are people, pets, wildlife and environmental impact. All traps and baits must be set in secure locations to avoid any impact on non-target species. External access points should be located and repaired.

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A Mouse is not a Welcome Guest

Although many species of this furry rodent are becoming common pets across Europe and the UK, your average feral mouse is still considered a pest and public health hazard. Mice are smaller relatives of the rat and while they cause less damage during the average course of a day, they can still pose threats to our health and wellbeing. Transmission of diseases such as Salmonella and Listeria from mice to humans have been recorded countless times throughout history and it continues to occur to this day.

A single mouse needs only a tiny access point into your house or commercial building to start wreaking havoc. These critters will eat through food storage containers, electrical cables, pipes, and even woodwork; nothing is safe from their gnawing. Mice are constantly chewing on things because of a compulsive need to keep their teeth a certain length throughout their life. So, while they are not aggressive and may not intend to destroy your possessions, the risks they pose are still just as great.

You’ll Need More Than a Tom for this Jerry

While bringing a cat into your situation may seem like the thing to do, calling for professional help to find all the mice in your home will always be the most effective course of action.

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