Pest Control Assist now using Selontra

, Pest Control Assist now using SelontraTwo of the main concerns when carrying out rodent control is the impact treatments have on the environment and other species and the increasing resistance build up rodents have to SGAR’s. When using standard baiting practices with anti-coagulant poisons there is always a risk that other wildlife may access the bait or birds of prey, foxes and other predators may find carcasses and get secondary poisoning despite the best efforts to remove carcasses and secure baits. 

Pest Control Assist are now licensed to use Selontra and will use this revolutionary speed baiting process to decrease the time taken to control rodent infestations and much reduce the impact on non-target species. Selontra is a high performance non-anticoagulant bait that stops the rodent from feeding after one day and so reduces contamination and risk of disease. It is neither persistent in the environment, nor bio-accumulative, and is readily metabolised by rodents and so reduces non-target species impact.

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