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Unwanted Feathered Friends

Seeing pigeons wherever you go is as much a fact of life as the sun setting every night or the rain coming in the Spring. While it is one thing to see these frequent flyers outdoors, it’s another thing entirely to have them intrude on your space and begin to roost inside your home or office. As much as a nuisance as they may be, an infestation could also be dangerous; their droppings can be acidic and they carry transmittable diseases like Listeria, Ornithosis, and even E-coli.

When pigeons decide to roost in your space, they don’t show consideration for your cleanliness preferences. They often defecate everywhere, including on your windows and floors, causing chimney blockages, eroding water pipes, and destroying stonework. The droppings they leave behind can smell horrible, but the property damage done is significantly more severe.

Why You Should Act Fast

Prolonged pigeon infestations have been linked to a massive increase in mite, beetle, and tick invasions in the same area as the pigeons’ nests. Acting sooner rather than later will help you avoid costly building repairs but may also help you avoid parasitic infestation of your home or maybe even yourself.


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