The Classic Pest Infestation

If you have ever heard the sound of tiny scuttling feet in the night or smell the horrid stench of urine in every corner of your building, then there is a good chance you have a rat for a roommate. The average rat has even strength in their teeth to chew through something as hard as aluminum, so you can just imagine what they could do to your wiring, pipes, and even bricks.

Rats can be extremely harmful to our health. Remember learning about the Bubonic Plague that killed over 25 million people in the 1300’s? That was because the disease was carried by rats stowing away on ships that docked at countries across Europe and Northern Africa. While the immediate danger may not be quite this dire, rats are still carriers to countless diseases and illness-causing bacteria every single year. Don’t expose your family or customers to this risk.

The Evasive Rodents

While rats may be easier to see and hear when compared to their smaller cousins, the mice, they can still evade many traps and be difficult to totally rid yourself of on your own. Instead, call on our professionals because we have the certifications and registrations to properly find all the rats in your space and effectively get rid of them.

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