I offer a range of pest control solutions for customers as well as proofing and general maintenance work to prevent further damage or infestations.

Wasps and hornets

Wasps and Hornets’ Nest Removal

Wasps £60, second nest £30

You should never try to remove a wasp or hornets nest yourself. Always leave it to a qualified professional. These stinging insects can be dangerous if they feel like they are being attacked or vulnerable.

I provide a quick and effective single treatment but I do not remove the nest as this cannot be done on the same visit. I will also ensure the location is cleaned, any residue is removed and the area is free of any remaining insects.

Rats and Mice

Rats and Mice: Rodent Control Solutions

Rats £40, £75 for two visits

The most common questions I get asked are:

  • How to get rid of mice?
  • How to get rid of rats?

Customers often think that the best solution is to buy a humane trap, catch the mouse or rat and then return it back to the wild.

This is rarely the best solution and it’s rarely a quick fix. It’s more about carrying out a thorough property evaluation to detect the entry points and ensure other preventative measures are taken.

Mice and rats can carry harmful diseases and can quickly contaminate food without you realising as they often only come out at night. They need to be dealt with quickly.

I either use breakback traps or rodenticide to eradicate depending on the appropriate method for the site.

Bedbugs and Cockroaches

Bed Bugs : Innovative Treatments

Bedbugs – £110 per treatment, max 2 rooms, £90 for repeat treatment

Bed bugs in the home are increasingly common. They can cause damage to bedding and mattresses and can also result in bed bug bites.

I use very specific chemical treatments for bedbugs with growth inhibitors for lasting protection. This is an innovative and professional treatment that provides a long-term solution.


Cockroaches – £60, £40 for second visit

Control of cockroaches is seldom easy because of the difficulty of getting the insecticide to the insect, so we use insecticide specifically for cockroach control.

When foraging for food and water, Cockroaches can contaminate food, utensils, and preparation surfaces as they go. They taint food with an obnoxious smell and can be vectors of disease, capable of carrying the organisms which cause food poisoning in humans and many other bacteria.
Fleas and Flies

Fleas and Flies: Quick Treatment Solutions

Fleas £60, £40 for second visit

Flea treatments for households should be carried out as quickly as possible to prevent the problem quickly spreading. Due to the rapid breeding cycle of fleas and flies it’s important to identify the source and eradicate the problem. I provide a quick and effective solution that’s non toxic for children and household pets.


Squirrel Control


Although we often see squirrels as cute and engaging, they can cause damage to a property if they are inside and not dealt with. Whilst they may only be seeking food and shelter, they can quickly become an irritating problem.

I will assess the type of control necessary to get rid of squirrels and can place the appropriate traps to catch and remove them from your property safely to avoid further damage.


Mole Management


We won’t make a mountain out of your mole hill!

When the tell-tale signs appear in your garden everyone wants to know how to get rid of moles.

Whilst a mole may look cute and cuddly it’s destructive burrowing habits can quickly make a mess of your garden.

I will make a comprehensive assessment of the situation then apply the most up-to-date trapping and/or fumigation techniques.

The methods are non-toxic and won’t cause any additional damage to your garden, soil or plant life.


Ants: Effective treatments

£60 per visit

Ant hills and colonies can quickly cause problems if they are located in any part of your house. To get rid of ants in the house I use rapid action treatments that ensure the elimination of the whole colony. I can treat for common ants, flying ants and red ants quickly and effectively with treatments that are trusted and safe for family and pets.

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