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Persistent Rat Problems? There's always a reason and we can find it!

Why Pest Control Assist?

Just using bait isn't enough, without finding the cause the rats will return!

Breach in External Walls

If you have recurring problems with rats in your home there is always a reason why.  The process of baiting or trapping rats will solve the issue for a short period of time. Rats will chew and dig to gain access to properties, the signs are not always obvious but can be found with proper investigation. Poorly built or maintained buildings are vulnerable along and below the building line.

Faults in Drains and Sewers

There are increasing numbers of rats in the sewer system and they travel around freely looking for opportunities to gain entry to buildings. Cracked or broken pipes and faults with inspection chambers allow rats access. They will dig their way along pipe lines and under floors to the cavity walls and then find the way to the roof. they will also use gas pipe and electricity entry points.

Poorly Finished Extensions

Not all builders comply with regulations and this can lead to persistent rat issues particularly with sewer entry points and disused inspection chambers if they haven’t been removed or sealed correctly. In some cases access holes for intended services are left open below the building line. These give rats a great opportunity to exploit and gain access to your home. 

Thorough Inspection from £60

Includes full inspection of property for access points, infestation assessment and treatment options

How Our Rat Hunter Service Works

We offer a complete service covering inspection, assessment, a plan to resolve the issue and carry out the repair work. We’ll talk to you about the history of  the rat infestation and any previous treatment and how successful it was. With years of experience we know the signs to look for and we’ll leave no stone unturned during our inspection. Once we’ve identified the potential access points we’ll recommend a fix or ask to carry out further investigation to pinpoint the cause.  Then we’ll present a plan to resolve a complex issue and the expected cost. If you agree we’ll start work and put an end to your recurring rat problems giving you your home back pest free.