Squirrel Removal

Invaders in Our Land and Homes

We may not think of the average squirrel as much more than the occasional annoyance as they chew through a wire here or there, but the Grey Squirrel is a species all its own, and its presence can be disastrous. This variety is known for its aggressiveness, especially when around its children, attacking people or other animals often. These furry visitors also enjoy chewing through our ceilings and woodwork and stripping insulation from our wires, creating fire and electrocution hazards wherever they go.

While these creatures may not pose severe health risks to us humans, they are an invasive species that have a history of destroying our forests and harm the native squirrel populations. Grey Squirrels are more than just a nuisance keeping us up at night as they slink around our attics, they can also be catastrophic to our entire landscape.  

Legally Deemed an Invasive Species

Overseeing agencies have spent decades studying and cataloguing invasive species, so we know that the grey squirrel is considered just that here in the U.K. Because of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981 and the 2019 Invasive Alien Species Order, these creatures are trapped, and it is illegal to release them. With legalities at hand, it’s best to leave this one to the professionals.

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