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What are the Signs of a Wasps Nests in Your Home?

High numbers of wasps in your garden

Wasps are a seasonal pest and most noticeable in the summer months and the adults will be seen foraging for food to take back to the nest. If you have wasp activity in your garden then it is likely a nest is close by. Do not attempt to remove the nest, wasps are very aggressive when their home is threatened.

Location of Nests

Wasps should nest in the ground or in trees and bushes, however houses, garages and sheds make perfect homes for wasps and they take full advantage of these safe sheltered locations. You might see wasps flying in to your roof space or holes in walls to access their nest. Do not block the holes. 

Wasp Nest Treatment from £60

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Wasp Nest Treatment

Our technician will carry out a thorough inspection of the site and determine the location of the nest or nests. Wasps nests are usually treated by injection of insecticide dust, coating the nest with a spray or by freezing the nest. As a nest can contain thousands of wasps it may remain active for a few hours after treatment with large numbers of wasps gathering at the nest entrance as they return from foraging. You are advised to keep well clear and close all windows during treatment. 

How to avoid being stung by wasps

Not Your Friendly Neighbourhood Bee

It’s hard to imagine a world without our friendly ally, the Bee, but no one enjoys its relative, the Wasp. Although this buzzing insect may look somewhat similar to our favourite pollinators, the wasp can be an aggressive nuisance with a habit of stinging humans, pets, and many other animals. While the general guidance you can find about wasps says “just leave them alone” may be sound advice to follow, it can be difficult to do so once they have taken residence in your space.

Although wasps do their part by eating other bugs that would otherwise nest in our homes and offices, their presence is still unsafe and unadvised anywhere indoors. Many species tend to find the smallest gaps in your roof or foundation to sneak in and start building a nest. A nest can contain thousands of wasps and if they are disturbed or aggravated your family and visitors could be at risk of attack.

Armed and Aggressive

Handling a wasp infestation can be extremely dangerous. When these insects feel they are being threatened they can not only sting, but they can also signal for the rest of their colony to attack you, too. Keep well away, do not interfere with the nest or spray with water or try to seal the wasps in. This will cause an immediate response from the wasps and you might get stung badly. Our professionals are trained in wasp management and nest removal, so stay safe and call on us to help instead of trying it yourself.


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